Thursday, September 10, 2009

Takin' Care of Business

Welcome to my blog! If you happen to be a new visitor, then please check out my original So Pickin' Cute for an idea of what you can expect at this new address. If you want to make my day, you can become a Pickin' Cute Fan (follower), and leave plenty of comments! My new blog friend, Christina said that it's like Christmas every time she receives a new comment - and I couldn't agree more! I also love finding out about your blogs through your usernames.

Oh! Also, I requested collection photos in a recent post, and am still very interested in receiving those at when you get around to it. I know at least a few of you were considering participating, so I'll just post them as they trickle in. I'm looking forward to a fresh start on So Pickin' Cute (continued)!



  1. You are so cute...but it really is like Christmas huh..

    I did not know there was a limit on blogger. Pls. tell me you have been blogging for at least 3 years on the other blog of yours. Also I will get you the photos of my collection. I need to figure out how to photograph a bunch of dresses. I had somebody take my picture in some of them but then I wussed out so I will get the real pictures to you hopefully by today or tomorrow.

  2. Hi, Abby! Thanks for stopping by our blog! By all means post pics and link away :)

  3. Hey, Abby! I just got your email...sorry, I had no idea about the blogger limit. I am laughing so hard at the comment by "Full House", little does she know you've only been blogging a couple of months!!!

    It may be worth your while to upgrade to Typepad at some point. It is like $8 a month, but there is NO limit and it's a GREAT format.

    Can't wait for the house tour!

  4. Christina-
    Take your time on the dress photos! I can't wait to see them, but I know these things take time. I'll just post them when you get around to it. Honestly, I have only been blogging since, not even a year! Yikes! I post almost every day though, and sometimes MULTIPLE posts in a day, so you probably won't have any issues at Full House. Maybe I need to cut back a bit!

    Thanks for getting back to me...I had no idea either! Pretty crazy that I used up my limit in less than a year, huh?! I might have to consider Typepad, but for now, I'll just bounce from blog to blog! ;)

    Thank you! I'll let you know when I post the pix.

  5. That's horrible! To have a limit!! Shame on blogger!!

  6. I know! I keep hoping somebody will tell me there is a way around it...but so far, no such luck. Hopefully this blog will blossom with more posts, and will begin to feel like "home"! :)

  7. I love looking at the pix and reading your posts. I will follow your blog wherever it goes. And please, don't slow down on the "oh so" interesting pix. It would be a shame to limit what makes this blog "cup-cake" delicious!
    Keep making us smile...

  8. Janet, thanks so much for your sweet comment! Honestly, it's the blog friends and comments that keep me goin' on here! :)


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