Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Wouldn't you love to see this place restored?? It would be absolutely ahhhh-mazing. Right now it looks just creepy enough for a Halloween post. Sorry about my lack of effort in blogging lately. I really do hope you'll stick around, because eventually, I do plan on posting more frequently! What are your plans for tonight? We are going to trick-or-treat with some friends, and Kalia is going as "Snow White". She hasn't seen the movie, but that's what she chose for her costume. Unfortunately, the bottom of her dress is shredded, from jumping in a bouncy house this morning (I know - so lady-like) we might end up going as "Belle" instead. Enjoy your weekend, and we'll chat next week!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bedding Borders

(Material Girls)

(beach bungalow 8)

Sometimes I don't even realize how much I like something, until I find myself saving photos and posting similar items repeatedly. One thing I seem to be drawn to in the bedding department lately, is simple borders or geometric patterns on pillows and duvets. Who would have thought?! If you don't already have one, you should start your own inspiration blog, to see what you really like!

Hanky Panky

There is SO much sickness going around here - it's just crazy! Last week I subbed at Kalia's school several times, and this week, Kalia has been home with a fever since Sunday. Now Randy seems to have caught the bug. Are you all staying well? I know people are getting sick everywhere, and schools are even shutting down because it's just ridiculous how many kids have been calling in sick!
Although it seems to be cold and flu season, I could never, EVER bring myself to use such beautiful hankies as kleenex. I have a small collection of vintage hankies passed down from my Grandma, but unfortunately, they are just sitting in a little box in the closet. After we move, I have decided to use them in Kalia's future playroom. I informed my mom that 'we' have a sewing project, and she agreed to help me create a window treatment. I also wanted to share the first photo, because I love bunting oh-so-much, and love the idea of creating bunting out of old hankies. Isn't that great?! If you aren't feeling ambitious enough to tackle the project on your own, you can purchase the bunting in the photo at the etsy shop 'Poppylarity'.
Oh! The second photo is just for inspiration - I haven't actually made mine yet. Y'all stay well now!
UGH! I have a question for you other blogger you ever have issues with spacing or separating paragraphs on here?! SO obnoxious. I'll try to fix it later.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kiddie Cuteness

Obviously, I was not successful in limiting myself to one post for the day. I just had to share this adorable bedroom, and now I'm officially done. For now.

Sorry, Pink.

I am just popping in to tell you that I saw this pillow over at elements of style, and do you know where it came from??? Target! It is only available online, and I absolutely love it. I can't tell you anything about the quality since (unfortunately) I haven't actually seen or held one - but the picture looks good, and the price is right (at $19.99). Before I did my research, I was going to say that I wish I had some more color options. (Sorry, pink - you're still my favorite!) Then, I found it in black and teal! If you're a fan of the style, what color would you prefer?

Image: Target

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pink Delight

I absolutely love the lamp in here. I also love the pale pink drapes, puddled on the floor. Oh, and don't forget the moulding! I wonder if Randy could survive in a pink living room. Hmmm....

Image: first home

Pickin' Cute Inspiration

Yesterday, I found these adorable inspiration boards from Johnny Miller on ada & darcy. I honestly think I'm going to create some inspiration boards of my own, for each room of my new place. I know - I'm such a dork, but I think it would help Randy to see my vision for the rooms, and it would help me stay focused. I often get off track when I'm out shopping and find a piece I absolutely "can't live without", whether I have the perfect place for displaying it, or not. As a designer, I can appreciate so many styles and color schemes, but I want to really focus in on one particular idea. Have you ever created an inspiration board for yourself?

Images: Johnny Miller / ada & darcy
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