Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bedding Borders

(Material Girls)

(beach bungalow 8)

Sometimes I don't even realize how much I like something, until I find myself saving photos and posting similar items repeatedly. One thing I seem to be drawn to in the bedding department lately, is simple borders or geometric patterns on pillows and duvets. Who would have thought?! If you don't already have one, you should start your own inspiration blog, to see what you really like!


  1. These are some beautiful images!!

    I know blogs are a great way to try and catalog things.

    I would love to see how you keep your images organized because almost at any given time my desk top is a mess.

  2. Yup! I'll post a message on your site about my organization. :)

  3. Abby! Your blog name is absolutely appropos!! It's adorable! Like I said on fb, I just started mine so it need mucho work, but maybe one's also not something I share with lots of people, either- you're special!

    Hope you stop by...I'm gonna follow yours!
    p.s. it's Lesley

  4. Lesley, thanks so much!! I checked out your blog, and absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you're following here, and I will be following you as well!

  5. I realized after the fact that I just commented on your comment on my page! I'm so glad you like it and that you'll be following! Yay!

  6. Love the green bedding - there's a nice balance between the green duvet & the creme pillow shams

  7. WOW, that second room is totally my dream room. Gorgeous!


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