Sunday, January 23, 2011

$50 CSN Giveaway...

Hello friends! I realize I have been slacking in the blogging department, but I have an announcement and a giveaway for you today!!!

First, I would like to announce that we had our baby boy!!! Actually, he was born in November, and we named him Bennett, meaning "little blessed one". His middle name is Jude, in case you were curious. We are really enjoying his smiles, and he gave me my first eight-hour night of sleep on Friday. Hooray!! He is keeping me busy, but I DO have plans to pick up blogging again in the near future. In fact, my friend Angela has been busy setting up her loft apartment right above her antiques store, so hopefully I will be sharing photos with you soon. (No pressure, Angela!)

Now, for the giveaway details -- I'm sure you are familiar with CSN stores by now, and they are offering a $50 gift certificate to any of their 200+ stores. Yay!!! You should check out their furniture site, where you can find adjustable bar stools, headboards, sofas, and much more. You can shop home decor, housewares, baby and kids, and just about anything else you can imagine! To enter the giveaway, just post a comment with some form of contact information, and just for fun, tell me about the best deal/bargain you've ever found. I want to know about the item, and how much you paid for it. I love a good bargain story!

Just so you know, if you happen to win, shipping is not covered by the gift certificate. I will announce the winner on February 5, 2011 -- so just be sure to enter by midnight on the fourth. Good luck!

Image: Mary Ruffle

PS I'm SO ready for Spring and flowers, how about you?!
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