Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peekin' On Pickin' - Angela's Loft

Hi there! Soooo, this is going to be thee coolest loft you have ever seen in your entire life...I'm pretty sure. My dear, dear friend Angela purchased her antiques store several years ago, and has been working hard at transforming the upper level into her personal (and amazing) living space. You're going to love it!

So here, we have the kitchen. Don't you love the yellow?! So cheerful. Check out the long subway bench behind the dining table...and those chairs! Ooooooo.

The antique doors on the left side of the photo open to the pantry. How cool is that?!

...and here we have the living room. Angela has a knack for hanging art, don't you think?

You can't see it very well in this photo, but that stained glass mirror on the left is one of my favorite pieces.

And here we have a charming little seating area. I love all the attention to detail, from floor to ceiling. Have you noticed the cool rugs and lighting throughout?

Welcome to the office! She used an antique crib, and converted it to a little sofa covered with old feed sack pillows. Super neato.

Here's a better view of the pillows, and I'm pretty sure I recognize some design school projects hanging above the bed. Mine are in the attic somewhere - but I love the idea of displaying them for artwork. Angela often lectures me about my naked walls, so I'll have to hang my projects before her next visit!

Crates on wheels - brilliant storage solution.

I'm willing to bet that none of you have a pair of oversized spectacles hanging in your home - but you're jealous...aren't you?? I am! They came from an old optometrist's office.

Oooooooo...a gallery wall full of Huldahs! A little piece of heaven, folks.

This is where Angela gets her beauty sleep.

Okay, I'm jealous of the closet too. I suppose we could all trade our doors out for some pretty antiques! I love the bracket hooks. She sure has some nifty ideas! (I don't generally whip out the word "nifty", but sometimes it just works.)

Speaking of "nifty", check out the maps. -- SUPER nifty. Don't miss the sofa she had reupholstered!

How cool is this re-purposed shoe rack from a warehouse. It makes a great display piece for Angela's cigar box collection.

Now we get a little peek at the Master bathroom.

Angela re-purposed some old barn doors in the Guest bedroom for some privacy and separation. Sweet idea!

My favorite thing about the Guest bath would have to be the distressed piece of furniture used for the sink.

Here's a close-up. I'm drooling over this one!!

Well that, my friends, is the last room on our tour. If you need some similar eye candy, you can browse Angela's website...or better yet, visit Angelique's Antiques in Hazel, Kentucky.


  1. That is quite the collection she has!
    I hate I didn't ever get to meet her!

    Welcome back, btw!
    Hope you're all well!!


  2. Hey! I missed this post somehow! Anyway- super cool. Angela has an amazing collection and so artfully arranged!!


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