Monday, February 8, 2010

You Are My Sunshine

(Country Living)

(Brown Button / Tumblr)

(Kalia's Bathing Suit)

I could definitely use a little sunshine today - how about you?! The ground is covered in slush right now, and we're supposed to get another snow dumping this evening. *sigh* At least The Bachelor is on tonight, so I can curl up in my comfies and snack on some Joe-Joe's (delicious chocolate cookies from Trader Joe's), while indulging in one of my most favorite shows. (Yep - I'll admit it.) Yay!

Anyway, I am loving yellow this season, and never stopped loving I found the perfect bathing suit for Kalia! What color are you in love with right now? Anyone else in on The Bachelor tonight?! We'll have to compare notes after the show.


  1. Love the yellow bath tub and cute suit!! :-) I'm watching the bachelor this morning. I just pray he doesn't pick Vienna in the end.. and if he does, I hope he switches at the "after the final rose" show.... :-)

  2. I hear ya! I like Tenley the most. Randy walked through during her little dance and announced that "she's gone" - but I think Jake likes her. :)

  3. love those yellow items! does that suit come in adult sizes lol!


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