Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finally. Fabric!

Hellooooooo! I have missed you terribly. Since my blog break, I have found myself constantly thinking, "man...this would make a great post". I received some adorable cupcake-ish items for my Birthday this year, and it about killed me to keep them to myself! Then, I found another little bakery in town with a bathtub-sized cupcake on the roof. (That might be a slight exaggeration - but it's pretty darn big!) I am waaaaaaaaaay behind on reading my favorite blogs, and definitely need to build up my inspiration photo folder. However, I did find this tutorial on making fabric pom-poms the other day. I know we had a little discussion about the durability of the tissue paper version, so I thought you might be thrilled about this DIY project. I would love to hang some in Kalia's playroom. Where would you hang them?

Image: Ada & Darcy / Once Wed


  1. Abby! Please say you're least a little bit more on the regular?!

    Those poms are so cute! Adorable in a girly room!

  2. Ms. Bright, you are too sweet! I am definitely hoping to be back a bit more on the regular...but I don't plan on running out of photo storage any time soon! ;)

    Stacey - thanks! :)


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